Professional Philosophy


I believe that everyone is capable of change. I have seen change occur first-hand in my life and in the lives of others. So do I believe people can change their thoughts, feelings and actions to become happier? Absolutely!! Most research states that each of us have a pre-determined set point of "happiness". Some of us are genetically wired to have more "happy" genes than others and vice versa. I believe this to be true. However, scientific research also states that we as humans can learn to become and stay happier--to the point in which our brain physically changes to promote that happiness. Research also shows that happier people are healthier and actually live longer.

There’s a scientific way to study happiness—it’s called Positive Psychology. In contrast with traditional psychology that focuses on pathology—alleviating neurosis, anxiety, and depression—Positive Psychology focuses on individual and societal flourishing—on cultivating happiness, strengths, self-esteem, and optimism. A core philosophy is "build what's strong" approach that can augment the "fix what's wrong" approach of more traditional psychotherapy. Understanding the fundamental ideas of Positive Psychology can change the way we relate to ourselves and others. We can increase our "positivity ratio" as a means toward higher levels of creativity, motivation, health, and overall success—in ourselves, groups, and organizations. We must first understand the role of acceptance—of one's own and others' emotions in order to lead a richer more fulfilling life.

As with anything you buy, do your research. I have learned that the research on Positive Psychology, which is what my practice will be based on, is firmly grounded in scientifically based research studies. My practice will also be based on two nursing theories--treating my clients holistically (mind, body, and spirit) and development of a caring, connective partnership with my clients. These two theories are fundamentally important for change to occur.

Fee Structure

Please contact me to determine what my current rates are. I do accept cash, checks, credit, and debit. I can also provide you with an itemized bill so that you can submit it to your insurance company and/or flex spending account. I do also provide a sliding fee scale upon request.